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Insult to Injuries: Warriors Down Three of Their Best

The Warriors are going to roll over the Toronto Raptors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals without two of their best players and shooters, Kevin Durant and now possibly, Guard Klay Thompson.

Klay is one-half of the world famous Splash Brothers, and is in the lofty position of being one of Golden State's best shooters. Thompson and the rest of Golden State have stepped up their game without Durant, three-pointers and otherwise. Coach Steve Kerr said,"It'll be a game-time decision for Klay."

Then there is our friend and standout star Kevin Durant who has been suspiciously absent since his "injury" on May 8th against the Rockets.

I don't know about you all, but it didn't look like KD was hurt that bad, or at least not bad enough to miss most of the NBA Finals.

Is it at all possible that after rampant rumors about Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors next season, that he is playing up his injury to not jeopardize his supermax contract in the future?

Or has Kevin Durant "checked out" and is already off the team in his mind, and maybe even the minds of his soon to be ex-teammates? Could it be that the Golden State Warriors want to show the haters and the rest of the NBA they don't actually NEED KD to win? Silence the Stephen Smiths' of the world once and for all?

Now for some more drama. Poor Kevon Looney has a seriously jacked up collarbone, and is out for the rest of the NBA Finals!

NBA Finals are all about momentum, whichever team has it wins. It is that simple.

These three fallen Warriors might push the flow to Toronto and maybe, just maybe, they can catch lightning on the court and capitalize on the casualties.

Of course, I may sprout wings and fly to the moon after the game tonight... ANYTHING is possible!

Don't count the Dubs out yet, and if you want to keep things spicy then just put some Curry on it!

What's your favorite Kevin Durant theory? Let us know.

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