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Bracket Billions

How is your NCAA Final Four Bracket doing? You don't have to lie you know you did one, everyone does.

Even if you don't watch, follow or even CARE about the NCAA Basketball Championships, the allure that "this could be the year!" is just too alluring for people. The astronomical lottery ticket effect of being able to pick a perfect bracket speaks to our overwhelming urge to be "The One." Forever memorialized in history, as beating the long-math odds to nail the Unicorn of Sports Betting!

Warren Buffett even wants to do it! The "Oracle of Omaha" has for years famously offered his employees ONE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! for a perfect bracket!! Not just a Million dollars, A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR FOR LIFE!!!!!! So why wouldn't you take a shot!

So who is it going to be? Will Zion Williamson take Duke to new heights? Is there any chance Gonzaga will finally get the respect they deserve? Are the Jayhawks going to go all the way?

Stay tuned to the city, and GOOD LUCK ON YOUR BRACKETS!

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