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Warriors Scrub Rockets Launch. Sorry James Harden.

The Golden State Warriors are about to shave James Harden beard in game 7 of the NBA Western Conference Finals!

In a win, or go home predetermined conclusion for the NBA Finals, the Splash Brothers, and Kevin Durrant brilliantly forced a nailbiter Game 7, just like you knew they would.

Draymond Green called it before and already let the Dubs fans and the NBA Basketball world know, "You better believe we'll be coming home to the Oracle area for a game 7. Your a fool not to believe it."

I think these fools, the Houston Rockets, now believe them.

After Game 7 of the Eastern NBA FInals a.k.a James Lebron vs. the Celtics, (I know you are all very surprised...) this is setting up as a grudge match battle royale for the ages.

Will Kevin Durrant, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson toy with the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the NBA Finals or hammer the point home with another 21pt victory like NBA Championship Game 6?

The Splash Brothers Rained on the Rockets 115-86 in a home game beating.

In my mind the Splash Brothers VS Lebron is a foregone conclusion and Rocky vs. Drago, we all want to see a rematch.

It will be interesting to see how the impact of legalized sports betting recently by the Supreme Court (just in time for the playoffs, (thanks to your Honors!) changes the betting lines of tonights crucial Golden State Warriors NBA Playoff Game.

Current odds on the NBA Playoff Western Conference Finals has the Golden State Warriors a 5.5 point favorite over the Houston Rockets. The Playoff Money Line has a wide from GSW -200 to an unbelievable -1000 on some sites! The majority of these matchups between the Warriors and Rockets have come in UNDER for all you bettors out there...

My prediction: The script is already written:

Warriors turn Rockets into dud on the launch pad, put up +10 on The Beard.

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-The Author

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