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Warriors Raptors 2019 Game 2

warriors raptors steph curry game 2

Are you even a little bit worried about the Warriors vs. Raptors Game 2 of the N.B.A. Championship Finals?

Is there any part of you that thinks that Golden State, and the Splash Brothers won't somehow pull this off and win yet another N.B.A. Championship against the Raptors? Me neither!

If you believe "everything is fixed" (as of course, I do), then you know it simply makes for good ratings to let Toronto win at least game 1, and give Raptors fans a tiny inkling of hope.

We all know Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green can flip on "the win switch" at will. They are just pumping up N.B.A. ratings like they put up threes! Nobody wants to watch a movie where they already know the surprise ending, just like no one wants to watch the Raptors play the Warriors, if the Splash Brothers are just going to smoke them in the N.B.A. Finals!

Do you really think Kevin Durant is ACTUALLY hurt or they are just lulling Toronto into a false sense of security?

It's like the scary movie when the spunky teen hero has finally "killed" the crazed mutant psycho...except the killer isn't really dead. He leaps out of the fog to destroy the teen couples hopes and dreams with a pickaxe.

So, it's just like that except it's a N.B.A. basketball game. Everyone needs a little drama, a bit more story, a tiny bit of hope, and I think that's all Toronto has hope.

Save the drama for your mama, and watch the Warriors win tonight! (and don't go into the basement...)



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