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Draymond Drama or Diversion?

Everything gets we do is recorded. Everyone is taking a selfie or a video or a Snap. You are being recorded, watched, looped, made into a MEME a GIF or something, and you are just a normal person! So now imagine you are an "NBA Basketball Star? What about a star on a very profile NBA team like The Golden State Warriors? How about the head a Coach of a high profile NBA team? Sometimes shit happens, things can go wrong, and sometimes normal people, even Steve Kerr gets pissed off.

Are we all missing the irony here of Draymond Green, an NBA player very well known for his volatility, frequent outbursts and antics on and off the court would even be a little upset about his Coach Steve Kerr taking temporary trash in the heat of the moment?

Draymond Green shouldn't care the slightest bit about what Steve Kerr said or didn't say in the heat of battle.

All Draymond Green should focus on is helping the Splash Brothers win more games. That Simple.

So is all this Draymond Green vs Steve Kerr Head Coach of The Golden State Warriors actually drama or simply the normal bs media diversion?Haters gonna hate on The Dubs all day, but I say save the Drama for your Mama and let the DUBS play ball!

Now on to the Rockets....

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