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Dear Thunder, It Was Nice While It Lasted!


I've got some advice for the Oklahoma City Thunder: maybe next year don't laugh at the unanimous NBA League MVP, the guy who led the entire league in steals, AND the winningest team in NBA may not like what happens.

You realize the Warriors were just playing with you right? You realize all you did was poke the bear and now the Splash Brothers are awake and ready IN THEIR OWN HOUSE FOR GAME 7!

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook you messed up by laughing at The Splash Brothers, you believed your hype, you slept on the one team that can't be slept on! The Thunder did this to themselves and now after losing TWO GAMES BACK TO BACK TO THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS you are about to be sent home, eliminated in game 7 in Oakland, by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and the rest of the Warriors.

Who's Laughing now?

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