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Well that was weird. The Warriors lost, in their own house, during the playoffs...where am I again? Did I fall asleep and I am having a bad dream?

Game 1 of the 3rd Round of the NBA Conference finals is in the books and the Thunder slipped one by the Warriors last night in effort to give their team the false hope they need to keep going. Like a thief in the night they did the impossible and put a beating on the "Dubs" in their own house, something no other team has been able to do this season, so theres that.

The usually calm, cool and collected Stephen Curry and the rest of the Warriors seemed rushed, of rhythm and out of sync in the second half, which is usually where they turn up the heat on their hapless opponents after toying with them the first half. Russell Westbrook turned the tables on the Warriors and put up 24 of his 27 points in the second half of the game, putting the Splash Brothers behind in a playoff series for the first time since last season!

Stephen Kerr almost had a seizure (along with every other Golden State fan) late in the second half motioning to the refs for a painfully obvious missed traveling call on Russell Westerbrook.

Well this loss should only fire up the Golden State Warriors more for Game 2 Wed May 18th!

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