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Golden State Of Mind

I'm not buying it.

No matter how you try to package it to me or sell me this bill of goods, it's just not going to happen. Nope, sorry no way, not even remotely possible.

There is no way I am buying a team that devastated the entire NBA all season, that crushed the competitions hopes and dreams every game like your junior high school girlfriends who said she "just wanted to be friends , that effortlessly dismantled defenses (usually after letting them gain some false hope by being up in the last quarter and then surging back to drown them with the Splash Brothers, there is no way possible they are going out like this.

What the Thunder has been just waiting in the wings for the playoffs to actually start playing tough? Now granted the games against the Thunder have been some of the toughest this season, but cmon!

"The Line Up of Death" just died? 3 point King Curry just forgot how to shoot? Drayman Green forgot how to ball handle, (but he sure knows how to kick em!)....

The Splash Brothers stopped splashing?

I'm not buying it.

The Warriors aren't going out like that and tonight they are going to show us all, it was just a dream the Thunder had...a fleeting dream of victory that was washed away by the rain of Warrior 3's....


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