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Warriors Ball Blasting

Warriors 94 - Thunder 118

So the unthinkable is happening, the Golden State Warriors are playing from behind for the first time since LAST YEARS PLAYOFFS.

So after 73 game regular season winning streak, the Warriors just decided to lose cohesiveness during the playoffs after steam rolling every team this entire season?

No Frickin Way, as we all know I am a firm believer in Everything In The World Being I am just assuming that the powers that be (the NBA, The Man, Illuminati, whoever) just want the series to go the whole way to maximize their massive profit from ad dollars.

It couldn't be that the Warriors went into the series with a lackadaisical same old easy win attitude and the Thunder are hellbent on revenge and winning at all costs, could it?

BUT, lets get serious about the series for a second, the Thunder are really putting it to our Splash Brothers in his series and obviously have rattled the normally cool collected Warriors one and all, Draymond Green is so rattled he's having leg spasms!

Which is obviously what happened here to poor, poor Steven Adams... just a case of nerves giving Mr. Green a little extra zing in his flailing.....should get that checked out, asap.

So back to The Warriors, they need to get it together, concentrate, get back to the flow that helped the drown out the rest of the NBA this year, and kick some...balls?


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